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Daily fresh breakfast and lunch. It never gets boring with us.

$ 6.80

Traditional style point sandwiches

Choice of whole meal, light rye, white and multigrain bread. Traditional style point sandwiches (price per sandwich, ex GST)

Schwob’s bread

Choice of light right, dark rye, multigrain and white Schwob’s bread. (price per sandwich, ex GST)

Assorted wraps

Choice of whole meal and white pita bread. (price per wrap, ex GST)

Turkish Bread

Choice of whole meal and white pita bread. (price per turkish bread, ex GST)

Rolls or Baguettes

2 mini baguettes recommended per person. (price per baguette, ex GST)

Corporate selection platter

A mixed platter with wraps, Turkish bread and 3 point sandwiches (2 wrap, 2 Turkish bread and 4 point sandwiches) Serves 10 - Minimum 10 people (price per platter, ex GST)
$ 1.95

Party pies & sausage rolls

Served with tomato sauce (price per each item, ex GST)

Mini quiches

A delicious selection of quiches including spinach, mushrooms, quiche lorraine, (price per each item, ex GST)

Mini dim sim & mini spring rolls

Served with soy and sweet chilli sauce. (price per each item, ex GST)

Vegetarian triangles

Filled with curry and vegetables (price per each item, ex GST)
$ 9.00

Gourmet antipasto platter

A selection of marinated grilled mushroom, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta and perciutto. Served with bread sticks, crackers. (price per person, ex GST)

Gourmet cheese platter

A selection of gourmet cheeses such as; Tasmanian brie with quince paste, club cheddar, blue cheese, apricot and fruit cheese, smoked Cheese served with bread sticks crackers. (price per person, ex GST)

Fresh fruit platter

A selection of fresh fruits including strawberries, kiwi fruit, watermelon, grapes, orange, pineapple, Rock melon and honeydew melon. (Variety dependent on seasonal availability) (price per person, ex GST)

Mixed gourmet cheese & fruit platter

(price per person, ex GST)
Mini $2.50 Large $4.00

Danishes, mini Danishes

Raisin, apricot, blueberry, apple and pear. (price per each item, ex GST)

Mini muffins

Banana, chocolate, blueberry, orange and poppy seed, apple cinnamon, mixed berries and vanilla. (price per person, 3 muffins per person) (ex GST)

Large muffins

Fat free and gluten free included. (price per each item, ex GST)


Slices: caramel, hedgehog, lemon, jadore nut slice, apricot slice, muesli slice, coconut, cherry slice and rocky road. (price per each item, ex GST)

Assorted sweet platter

A selection of cakes, slices, large muffins and large danishes (price per person, ex GST)

Assorted biscuits

Choc chip macadamia, double choc chip, Florentine (choice of gf), anzac, choc chip, strawberry kiss and yoyo. (price per each item, ex GST)

Scones, jam & cream

A great choice for an afternoon tea delight. Freshly baked scones accompanied by strawberry jam and fluffy whipped cream. (price per each item, ex GST)
Mini $4.00 Large $5.50

Something savoury

Mini or large croissants
- Ham and cheese
- Ham, cheese and tomato
- Cheese and tomato
(price per each, ex GST)

Egg and bacon muffins

Toasted English muffin filled with fried egg and bacon (price per each item, ex GST)

Egg, bacon and cheese rolls

(price per each, ex GST)

Toasted sandwiches

- Ham and cheese
- Cheese and tomato
- Ham cheese and tomato
- Egg and bacon
- Egg, bacon and cheese
(price per each, ex GST)

Something sweet

Mini danishes, Apricot, blueberry, pineapple and apple. (price per person) (ex GST)

Raisin toast

price per serve (2 slices) (ex GST)
Mini $3.50 Large $4.50

Mini or large croissants

A choice of plain, strawberry jam and cream. (price per each, ex GST)

Mini baked homemade muffins

Banana, chocolate, vanilla or mixed. price per person (3 muffins per person) (ex GST)


2 Lt orange or apple juice. (price per bottle, ex GST)

Coffee and Tea Pot

Milk, sugar, stirrers and disposable cups provided. price per air pot (serves 10 people) (ex GST)


We make one of the best burgers in Melbourne, with chicken, lamb, beef, ham bacon and vegetarian schnitzels in burgers.


We make one of the best Souvlaki in Melbourne, with chicken, lamb, beef, and vegetarian.

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Roozervelt’s vision is to provide a premium cafe and catering service for small events through to large corporate functions, educational and retail environments.
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