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Something savoury
Mini or large croissants
 - Ham and cheese
-  Ham, cheese and tomato
-  Cheese and tomato
Mini: $ 4.00 each (ex GST)
Large: $ 5.50 each (ex GST)

Egg and bacon muffins
Toasted English muffin filled with fried egg and bacon
$ 5.00 each (ex GST)

Egg, bacon and cheese rolls
$ 5.90 each (ex GST)

Toasted sandwiches
- Ham and cheese
- Cheese and tomato,
- Ham cheese and tomato
- Egg and bacon,
- Egg, bacon and cheese.
$ 5.50 each (ex GST)

Something sweet
Mini danishes, Apricot, blueberry, pineapple and apple
$ 4.00 per person (ex GST)

Raisin toast
$ 3.50 per serve (2 slices) (ex GST)

Mini or large croissants
A choice of plain, strawberry jam and cream.
Mini: $ 3.50 (ex GST)
Large $ 4.50 (ex GST)

Mini baked homemade muffins
Banana, chocolate, vanilla or mixed.
$ 4.00 per person (3 muffins per person) (ex GST)

2 LT orange and apple juice.
$ 7.50 each (ex GST)

Coffee and Tea
Milk, sugar, stirrers and disposable cups provided.
$ 30 per air pot (serves 10 people) (ex GST)

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